Natural, choice meat by-products for more satisfied customers

As a player in the food industry, you know the importance of satisfying consumers: from taste, texture, and bite to price, nutrition, and freshness, there are dozens of key factors you want to address in order to maximize the impact of your product. How can you satisfy all these different conditions and keep customers coming back for more?  At CTH, we have the answer: high-quality meat by-products. We are dedicated to providing premium natural ingredients that are delicious, safe, clean, and traceable.

Delicious, nutritious, fresh

One surefire way of standing out to consumers is to offer products that taste great and offer sound nutrition. Enjoyed worldwide, our meat by-products are of the highest quality, ready to add both flavor and nutritional value to any product or food solution. Whatever you need, we can offer it in the volume required. Simply put, we’re here to help make your food the best it can be.

A safe, reliable partner

In the meat-processing industry, trust and reliability are key. The safety, freshness, and traceability of every product must be guaranteed to suppliers, producers, and consumers, while ingredients must be natural, clean, and fit for human consumption. Moreover, you want a partner that you can trust, who will deliver quickly and efficiently, without any delays. At CTH, we understand how important trust is. That’s why we make sure both our safety and supply chain standards are the highest possible. So we can supply you with safe, traceable, and clean natural ingredients whenever and wherever you need them.

50 years of experience, part of a global leader in natural ingredients

Founded in 1968 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, CTH soon became a trusted specialist in collecting, processing and selling natural casings for the sausage industry as well as meat by-products. Having been in the business for over 50 years, CTH today is a part of Darling Ingredients, the world’s largest producer of sustainable natural ingredients from edible & inedible organic residuals and a respected global leader in repurposing.

Find the natural products that suit your requirements

From artisanal sausage makers to leading pharma or pet food manufacturers as producer you require the best possible natural products that you can trust – delicious, healthy, traceable and sustainably produced you can trust – delicious, healthy, traceable and sustainably produced.

You can rely on us for tasty meat by-products

A wide array of fresh, appetizing, value-adding ingredients – all 100% natural and traceable.

From pig chitterlings for France’s andouille soup to pork, beef, or lamb tripe for stews and other delicacies, our carefully selected, natural meat by-products are relished as taste and value-adders by consumers and manufacturers worldwide.

Products and a supplier you can trust

At CTH, we carefully select and process all fresh raw materials ourselves. Unlike other producers, we source our materials directly from the slaughter line before processing them at our own facilities. By thus managing the entire supply chain, we can offer you maximum freshness, outstanding quality, full traceability, and sustainability – all at a competitive price. By choosing us as your supplier, you can count on reliable and value-adding natural products from a trusted processor and supplier.